Hypnotherapy Treatment for Cynophobia or Fear of Dogs

Hypnotherapy Treatment for Cynophobia or Fear of Dogs

Fear of dogs or dog phobia is a quite common issue. It is something that we are presented with fairly regularly here in our UK hypnotherapy practice.

Its clinical name is cynophobia.

Like so many other phobias, a dog phobia is by nature irrational and the cynophobic individual is only too well aware that most dogs pose absolutely no real threat. Even though they may fully realize this, the individual is powerless to control their often all consuming fear.

For the person experiencing dog phobia, even the smallest and most inoffensive of dogs is threatening and fearsome. In some cases, even the noise of a dog barking in the distance is sufficient to cause fear and apprehension.

In common with other phobias and irrational fears, what has happened to the individual suffering from a dog phobia is that at some time in the past, he or she has been frightened by a dog or has been influenced by another person’s fear of dogs.

It may even have happened that the person became fearful when watching a film or TV programme. Or they may simply have heard scary tales concerning dogs coming from others such as family members or friends.

Most often such an experience has taken place at some time in childhood, though in a minority of cases, it may have occurred when the person was considerably older.

Quite often the origin of the fear itself has been forgotten by the individual’s conscious, aware mind, and it feels as though the fear has been with them forever.

This, though, just isn’t the case, because the only fears that people are born with are the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. All other fears are learned.

A fear of dogs can affect the individual’s life in many ways. So many of the normal, ordinary things that most of us simply take for granted – visiting friends and family, holidaying, going for a walk in the park or even walking down the street, become real ordeals if there is or might be a dog somewhere in the picture.

Even the person’s ability to work can be affected by a dog phobia. Nurses, postal employees and social workers can all be seriously affected and prevented from doing their job because of this irrational fear. The great news is that since this fear is learned, it can certainly be unlearned.

While many therapists try to treat this and other phobias with simple suggestion therapy, such facile methods hardly ever produce lasting relief and permanent clearance of the problem.

In order for a real phobia of dogs to be permanently released and cleared it is necessary to actually neturalize the driver for that fear. And this means connecting with its origin.

With Advanced Transformational Hypnotherapy, it is possible to reach deep within the subconscious mind, where the fear itself is held.

With the use of modern hypnosis and hypnotherapy techniquesPsychology Articles, the subconscious can be assisted in releasing and deleting negative programming and realigning itself with reality. And the reality is that the vast majority of dogs pose absolutely no threat.

There really is no reason why you or anyone you care about need continue to suffer from a fear of dogs or cynophobia. Dog phobia can most often be treated in as little of two or three brief sessions of transformational hypnotherapy.

Seek out a fully qualified and experienced transformational hypnotherapist and you can free yourself for good of your fear of dogs and get on with your life.

You will be really happy that you did!

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