Hypnotherapy Overview

Hypnotherapy Overview

Hypnotherapy Overview

Clinical hypnotherapy is an evidenced-based therapy that is highly effective in creating positive thought and a sought-after change in behavior, whether that means stopping smoking, ending a habit of eating sugary foods, eliminating a phobia or addressing an addiction. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of clinical hypnotherapy, which is why it is currently offered by many leading hospitals and health care systems, including University Hospitals Connor Integrative Health Network.

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When we speak of addiction, whether to alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or drugs, we must consider two aspects: the physical appearance and the psychological aspect. Physical dependence has been used by the body to the addictive substance and its reaction, sometimes becoming violent and very painful in the absence of the stimuli. The psychological dependence can be treated with the help of hypnotherapy London.

It is possible to get rid of this physical dependence with hypnosis London by a gradual withdrawal; it is better done in a suitable environment and preferably under medical supervision for the severe cases. For the tobacco dependence, it is possible to achieve this treatment with hypnosis London in the usual environment, possibly by being helped by patch or gum chewing nicotine.

Once physical dependence has disappeared with Hypnotherapy London and the body having once accustomed to operating without the addictive substance, the psychological dependence will be gone.

The Hypnotherapy London Model of Treatment

The psychological dependence is linked to the needs that the taking of the addictive substance can meet. While these needs remain and that other means of satisfying them are not found, the person is tempted to take the addictive substance. The internal pressure caused by these unmet needs may be very strong and it might last forever. This explains that people can dive back into their addiction for months, even years after a successful withdrawal.

These requirements are usually unconscious, but not always. It may be a need for compensation against depression, a feeling of lacking something, guilt, etc. It was still basically an active unconscious process that produces a negative emotion and a negative internal state.

Taking the addictive substance can either stop, temporarily, the source of negative emotion or provoke a positive emotion, also temporary, which will hide the negative emotion. In one case as in the other, this effect is limited in time, and when it stops, the negative emotion returns and the person is found in the previous state. All these can be resolved with hypnosis London. 

There are three basic strategies for eliminating the psychological dependence strategies with hypnotherapy London arising naturally from the model described above:

These strategies have their interests and their effectiveness, the choice of one or the other will depend on the patient’s personality, its history, its world model, etc. Removing needs is a work of exploration in hypnosis London in order to understand the production mechanism of negative emotion, followed by work on the updated mechanisms for causing the arrest of these active processes. Different techniques are put to work to bring this case.

Sometimes we cannot completely bring to an end the unconscious processes that is involved in this case the hypnosis London try to reduce the intensity of emotion that is produced by a working crop. The search for new ways to satisfy needs, sources of discomfortPsychology Articles, is also under hypnosis London because it involves unconscious processes that are easily accessible in this state.

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