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Charms for centuries have been used as mediums for superstition, religious beliefs and fashion. The ancient Egyptians first used charm amulets to gain the favor of the gods and to obtain a passage into the afterlife.Later on, as years passed by, charms were also used in order to ward off evil spirits and at the same time curse enemies.In the Victorian period, charms grew out of their traditional image of spiritual and superstitious objects. Queen Victoria of England started wearing charm bracelets as a fashion accessory and started a trend that has continued through the ages. It is said that Queen Victoria wore a charm bracelet that has dangling small lockets that contains the photos of her family.Until that period in history, the quaint charm bracelet revolutionized the concept of jewelry with their delicate and artistic appearance.During the World War periods, charm bracelets came back to the circulation. Soldiers on their way home picked up charm bracelets for their near and dear ones, as souvenirs from the lands they had visited. The wars came to an end but the concept of charm bracelets continued.The popularity and significance of charm bracelets to girls never did seem to fade away. Even today, teens are very much interested in charm bracelets and now that these items are available at discount shopping online , people won’t have much trouble locating where to buy them and won’t ever have to worry about exceeding their budget. They are very affordable and young girls can even create charm bracelets by themselves.They are not limited any longer to the upper strata of society as was the case earlier, imagine only Queen Victoria was the one able to wear them or certain numbers of royalty. Charm bracelets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can even be worn as casual jewelry or for formal occasions, depending on their style.Charm bracelets contain anything from animals and flowers to zodiac signs and birthstones, making them a great gift item for any occasion. In most cases, the charms are easily interchangeable on the bracelet, so one can suit their mood on special occasions.

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